Ethic DTC Deck Erawan v2 Black

Ethic DTC Deck Erawan v2 Black

EAN-13: 3760004843658
21_3_in_540mm: 3760004843658
19_7_in_500mm: 3760004843634

Data sheet
2.96 lbs (1345g)
Deck Lenght
19.7 in (500mm)
21.3 in (540mm)
Deck Width
4,7 in (120mm)
12 STD Compatible
End Deck Type
Aluminium 6061


Evolution of the Erawan v1 deck.

Lighter, 6mm wider and stronger extrusion.

It's now compatible with 120mm wheels. It's 14% stronger on the extrusion and have a better weight/size ration of 5%.

New 8STD nylon brake v2 with switch diameter allowing dual brake position (110/120mm).

Improved griptape saver v2 protecting griptape life time.

Now available in 2 sizes: a shorter length than before and a longer one to suit the greatest number and it also gained in width.

Compatible: axle decks Erawan v1, brakes Nylon v2 8STD only.

Available in 3 colors: Black / Raw / Blue iridium.

Weights: 500 mm: 2.18lbs / 540mm: 2.96lbs.